Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Supercar Superbuild (8×60) – Season 2 – Discovery International (Currently In Production)

“Supercar Superbuild” is the story of mankind’s mechanical dreams coming to life.

Dreams that start with singularly unique visions from creative individuals and ultimately result in lust worthy automobiles we can touch. Machines that live at the very intersection of industrial art and high-performance automotive technic.

But chasing great dreams doesn’t come without a price. Each machine faces unique challenges and incredible pressures along the way. Every dream, and every machine, has a unique story to tell…

No two brands stories are alike and each underscores the importance behind their newest machine.

Season 2 of Supercar Superbuild will go even deeper into the process of creation for some of the world’s greatest automobiles. We’ll delve deeper into the beauty of each marque. Discover what makes each machine’s mechanical prowess unique. Soak in the mechanical beauty, discover the surprising take-home facts hidden within their builds at the factory, and revel in the craftsmanship required to bring them to life. Then we’ll hear from the very people who put their passion into each and every machine on the final assembly line.
From affordable fast to outlandish speed this is the passionate story of sporty four-wheeled machines!

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Inside the ‘Ring – National Geographic Asia

“Inside the ‘Ring” — How the Nürburgring has Evolved the Automotive World

Inside the ‘Ring is the extraordinary tale of how a few country racers’ quest for speed gave rise to a world famous grand prix circuit, and ultimately, how the ‘Ring found new life as the ultimate automotive testing venue in the world.

This is the inside story of how automotive manufacturers push modern machines to the very limits of physics and a key to understanding mankind’s relentless quest to push it harder, go faster and brake later in the endless evolution of the automobile.

With unprecedented access we uncover what happens behind the normally locked doors of the latest top-secret state-of-the-art facilities, and follow the development behind a new cutting edge high-performance machine.

[National Geographic Channel Asia // Fox International Channels © 2015]

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Playboy Garage Web Series

Let professional Indy Car driver Ryan Phinny, Miss August 2004 Pilar Lastra and Playboy Contributing Editor A.J. Baime take you for a ride in some of the most exotic sports cars in the world. The Playboy Garage video series will be be showcasing the best of what the automotive industry has to offer today.

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Monday, November 10th, 2014

Supercar Superbuild (8×60) – Discovery International & Smithsonian Channel

An 8 X 60 Series showcasing the Passion, Artistry, and Engineering behind some of the fastest and most lust-worthy Supercars in the world.

They’re rare. They’re beautiful. They’re expensive. And they not only push the performance envelope – but rip it wide open….

Yet every Supercar shares one thing in common – Each machine has a unique story to tell.
A narrative that is often times fraught with high-stakes pressure, impossible deadlines, clandestine meetings, remarkable engineering challenges, and of course, dramatic styling.

Behind each of these stories lies a dedicated team of passionate automotive artisans that overcome tremendous obstacles as they dream big dreams and think outside of the box in order to create the ultimate automotive fantasies for car fans around the world.

Supercar Superbuild aims to go behind the inherent beauty, amazing mechanical prowess, and basic building process of some of the most desirable four-wheeled machines on the planet in order to delve into the soul of each machine…

What were the challenges? Who was the strong-willed personality that led the charge? Where did the inspiration come from? What makes each supercar exclusive and distinctive?

Season 1:
Aston Martin V-12 Vantage S
Bentley Continental
Dodge SRT Viper
Maserati Ghibli
Ford Mustang
Lamborghini Huracan
Pagani Huayra
Porsche 918

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Mega Factories Ferrari FF

A rare look inside the new Ferrari factory where they are building the Ferrari FF, the first four-wheel drive Ferrari with four full size seats.

The FF’s 12 cylinder engine is one of the most powerful engine ever built at the factory in Marnello with 651 Horsepower. The engine block is actually cast there and must go through multiple quality checks before it’s ready to join the final assembly line.

The FF’s unique four-wheel drive system uses a seven speed dual-clutch manual transmission which sits at the back of the car to off set the weight of the V12 engine and achieve better total balance for this unique vehicle.

There is a second transmission at the front of the engine and this is the unit that makes the Ferrari FF’s four wheel drive system revolutionary. Ferrari emphasizes that its four wheel drive system is intended primarily for all weather capability. Normally the FF sends power from its from mounted V12 just to the rear wheels.

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Mega Factories Porsche 911

The challenge of redesigning the Porsche 911, an automotive icon.

This is the 7th generation of the car and while it clearly looks like a 911 it is virtually brand new in terms of size, design, and performance. It may just be the best Porsche 911 ever.

Designers and engineers faced a double challenge. Not only did the have to redesign the car but they had to redesign part of the original Porsche factory in which the car is built.

It wasn’t easy to do either. The legendary 911 has a league of loyal fans who don’t like change and the factory is located in the middle of an officially declared historic district and nothing could be changed on the outside of the complex that would change the way it looks.

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