Supercar Superbuild (8×60) – Season 2 – Discovery International & Smithsonian Channel

“Supercar Superbuild” is the story of mankind’s mechanical dreams coming to life.

Dreams that start with singularly unique visions from creative individuals and ultimately result in lust worthy automobiles we can touch. Machines that live at the very intersection of industrial art and high-performance automotive technic.

But chasing great dreams doesn’t come without a price. Each machine faces unique challenges and incredible pressures along the way. Every dream, and every machine, has a unique story to tell…

No two brands stories are alike and each underscores the importance behind their newest machine.

Season 2 of Supercar Superbuild will go even deeper into the process of creation for some of the world’s greatest automobiles. We’ll delve deeper into the beauty of each marque. Discover what makes each machine’s mechanical prowess unique. Soak in the mechanical beauty, discover the surprising take-home facts hidden within their builds at the factory, and revel in the craftsmanship required to bring them to life. Then we’ll hear from the very people who put their passion into each and every machine on the final assembly line. From affordable fast to outlandish speed this is the passionate story of sporty four-wheeled machines!

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