About Cry Havoc Productions

Cry Havoc Productions is an independent factual documentary production company that specializes in automotive and engineering driven programming for a variety of global television networks.

Our inspiration come from Shakespeare. As he tells it, Marc Antony, one of the great Roman Imperators, exhorts his followers to victory by shouting out, “Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of War!”

The challenge those words inspire is as valid and demanding today as it was in the year 44 B.C.

It’s a powerful call to arms for bespoke filmmaking as well. We pride ourselves on crafting visually dynamic narratives that speak to the heart as well as the soul.

For the past twenty years we’ve been handcrafting factually based original programming for a wide variety of national and international cable networks and many of our projects have featured famous Fortune 500 brands.

Some of the global players we’ve done work for include the National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Channel International, National Geographic Channel Asia, Discovery Networks International, Quest UK, DMAX IT, Animal Planet, The Smithsonian Channel, The Science Channel, and the American Heroes Channel.

You can learn more about Executive Producer Dylan Weiss here and check out a full list of the Fortune 500 companies we’ve filmed with here.

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