Dylan Weiss, Executive Producer

Dylan Weiss, Executive Producer, Cry Havoc Productions

Dylan Weiss (LinkedIn Bio) is a documentary filmmaker with over twenty-years of experience telling stories about the world’s fastest motorized machines. Few can match his high-performance based skill set, hands-on familiarity, and unique documentary experiences.

A self-professed petrol-head, his combustion-engine fueled docs have artistically featured some of the most exotic machines on the planet doing what they were meant to do on racetracks around the world.

Over the years, Dylan has honed an eye for capturing compelling images and showcasing them to audiences with user-friendly story telling that offers easily accessible narratives for maximum reach and comprehension.

A graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television, Dylan has been President of Cry Havoc Productions since 2001 and overseen over fifty-hours of petrol-based programming.

Executive Producer

  • Icons of Auto (12×60) – Discovery International. Distributed by Fred Media
  • Ultimate Supercar (6×60) – National Geographic International. Distributed by Blue Ant
  • SUV Superbuild (10×60) – Discovery International. Distributed by Beyond Rights
  • Supercar Superbuild Season 2 (8×60) – Discovery Int. / Smithsonian Ch. Distributed by Beyond Rights
  • Bugatti Chiron Super Car Build (1×60) – National Geographic Int. Distributed by Beyond Rights
  • Inside The ‘Ring (1×60) – National Geographic International / Fox International Channels
  • Supercar Superbuild (8×60) – Discovery International / Smithsonian Ch. Distributed by Beyond Rights
  • How We Got Here (12×30) – American Heroes Channel

Produced & Directed

  • Mega Factories: Porsche 911 – National Geographic International
  • Mega Factories: Ferrari FF – National Geographic International
  • Mega Factories: Corvette ZR1 – National Geographic International
  • Mega Factories: Ford Mustang – National Geographic International
  • Ultimate Factories: Porsche Panamera – National Geographic Channel
  • Ultimate Factories: Ford F150 – National Geographic Channel
  • Ultimate Factories: Dodge Viper – National Geographic Channel
  • Ultimate Factories: Mercedes Benz – National Geographic Channel
  • Ultimate Factories: Maserati – National Geographic Channel
  • Man Made: Bugatti Super Car – National Geographic Channel
  • Motorcycle Crash Tech – National Geographic Channel
  • Twist The Throttle (8×60) – Discovery HD Theater, Discovery Turbo & New Media
  • Ducati: A Story of Passion – Pro Italia & Ducati North America
  • The Hidden Garages – Discovery Turbo & New Media
  • Top Marquees – Discovery Turbo & New Media
  • Fowl Play, Animal Planet
  • Speed On Two Wheels, Discovery Science
  • Quake Proof: Building The Perfect Bridge, Discovery Science
  • Classic Car Hunters, The Discovery Networks
  • Driving Design, Discovery Science
  • A Dream Ride Through The Alps, The Fine Living Network


  • The University of Southern California ’00: BA Cinema-Television
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude & Phi Beta Kappa


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