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A one of a kind behind the scenes documentary, Bugatti Chiron Supercar Build is a unique film about the inception and development of the World’s Fastest Car that we produced for National Geographic International.

In 2005 the automotive world was shocked when Bugatti debuted the Veyron.

It was a technological masterstroke and overnight became the most expensive, most exclusive, and fastest production supercar ever made!

But ten years later even the best records erode. Competitors have closed the gap. The market has changed. People now openly wonder whether outright speed still matters…

In order to survive Bugatti needs a new machine.

The brand must not only prove their engineering mettle but also their lavish ‘cost is not a concern’ lifestyle ethos still has a place in today’s automotive world. It sounds easy but is remarkably difficult to achieve because they must defend the automotive world’s highest high-performance crown.

The original Veyron was built to satisfy 4 mandates; Break the 400 k/ph barrier in a street legal production car, go 0-100 k/ph in 3 seconds or under, feature a 1,000 horsepower engine, and finally, allow one to arrive at the opera in style.

Ten years later the next gen machine must do everything better and more importantly, move all four targets even further out of the reach, in order to hold on to their World Record as the fastest production super sports car ever made.

It’s an exponentially harder challenge. Now a small team of ultra competitive, completely consumed, and nearly fanatical engineers are hell bent on ensuring that the marque remains the World’s Fastest Production Supercar.

If building the Veyron was akin to breaking the sound barrier, then building the Chiron takes everything to Mach 2!

Bugatti Chiron Supercar Build is the definitive documentary film on the World’s Fastest Car.

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Filming The Bugatti Chiron Supercar Build Documentary for National Geographic Channel International

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