Mega Factories Ford Mustang – National Geographic

Mega Factories Ford Mustang – A documentary celebration of the most famous pony car in the automotive world and America’s blue collar supercar, the Ford Mustang. Produced for the National Geographic Channel.

Go inside Ford’s Mustang Factory where the latest versions of the original pony car are built.

Amazingly, both the cars and the factory are designed to produce 4 different models, from the base V6 to a 650HP fire breathing V8.

In terms of horsepower, the 650HP V8 is the most powerful V8 built anywhere in the world.

And in terms of speed for your dollar, the top of the line Mustang, the Shelby 550 GT, has a top speed of 200 miles an hour yet a base price of approximately $65,000.

There’s no other car available that comes close in terms of bang for your buck in top speed.

One of a number of films we produced for Nat Geo’s strand, Mega Factories Ford Mustang.

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