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Speed on Two Wheels cracks the code to uncover how the fastest of the fast blaze a new trail on two wheels. Produced for The Science Channel

They’re fast. They’re cool. They’re exciting. And they’re available at your local dealership — 150+ horsepower, two-wheeled rocketships that soar down racetracks and canyon roads at nearly 200 mph. With a quarter of the weight of most modern sportscars they are the undisputed kings of the power to weight ratio game. So how do they work? What makes them tick? How do they get all that power to ground? Find out in “Speed on Two Wheels” which takes an in-depth and inside look into the world of sportbikes and superbikes!

Hear from world-renowned motorcycle journalist Nick Ienatsch as he explains critical motorcycling concepts such as the gyroscopic effect, counter steering, and the power of the front brake. American Motorcycle Association riders Mat Mladin, Tommy Hayden, Roger Hayden and Aaron Yates describe how professional riders push it right to the edge, week after week. Go inside the locked doors of the Team Kawasaki Road Racing shop to see how the pros build their racebikes and then travel all the way to Italy, for a first hand tour of the famed Ducati Factory. Whether you already ride or dream of someday owning a motorcycle, “Speed On Two Wheels” is a must see!

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