Inside the ‘Ring – National Geographic Asia

Inside the ‘Ring is the remarkable unknown story of the Nürburgring racetrack and how it has evolved the entire automotive world. Produced for National Geographic Asia.

Inside the ‘Ring is the extraordinary tale of how a few country racers’ quest for speed gave rise to a world famous grand prix circuit. Then how the ‘Ring found new life as the ultimate automotive testing venue in the world.

This is the inside story of how automotive manufacturers push modern machines to the very limits of physics. It is a key to understanding mankind’s relentless quest to push it harder, go faster and brake later in the endless evolution of the automobile.

With unprecedented access we uncover what happens behind the normally locked doors of the latest top-secret state-of-the-art facilities and follow the development behind a new cutting edge high-performance machine.

Produced for National Geographic Channel Asia & Fox International Channels.

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