Mega Factories Michelin Tires – National Geographic

Mega Factories Michelin Tires is a very special documentary film that uncovers the remarkable technic required to build and construct tires. From bicycles to car, all the way to jumbo tractors and even the space shuttle. Produced for the National Geographic Channel.

Inside the factories and R & D facilities for one of the largest tire companies in the world: Michelin tires. Founded in the late 1800’s by two brothers, the company designs and manufactures everything from car and motorcycle tires to the tires on Jumbo Jets and even the Space Shuttle. Their newest goal is to create a new type of tire that will actually increase fuel mileage on cars and since one out of every five cars in the World wears Michelin tires what happens inside the company’s huge facility in Clermont-Ferrand, France, can impact us all.

One of a number of films we produced for Nat Geo’s strand, Mega Factories Michelin Tires.

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