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Icons of Auto tells the incredible tales of the most famous car companies in the world.

The icons are famous, the emblems iconic, and the modern machines lust worthy… 

Just whispering their names conjures heartfelt passion and childlike fantasies…

Yet not a single automotive brand started as a household name! 

Icons of Auto is a moto-romantic series that delves into the amazing story of the greatest car brands in the world. We’ll trace the remarkable histories of each amazing marque by highlighting five key cars and five key moments that make them famous.

By and large the titans who found these remarkable companies start in tiny garages and little workshops, not unlike Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs do today. In the early years they turn wrenches, make bold bets, and take gigantic gambles at the factory, on the track, and in the showroom. Their road to automotive immortality is often fraught with danger, desperation, and drama. 

This is the true story behind the birth of the most famous automotive marques in the world and the amazing tale of how they became household names known around the globe!

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