Ultimate Supercar Season 2 (6×60) – National Geographic Channel International

Ultimate Supercar is back! A new 6-part season produced for National Geographic Channel International. It being airing on Nat Geo International this month and eventually stream globally on Disney+. The series goes behind the scenes at some of the most noteworthy car constructors in the world to discover what makes each marque tick and how they develop and build their latest machines.

They’re fast, fabulous, and the ultimate evolution of road going speed – The Supercar.

A perfect blend of science, sport, advanced engineering, and daring industrial design.

It is an automotive genre that exists at the intersection of high-performance and technological revolution. Yet crafting a supercar is a difficult challenge in a changing automotive landscape.

Everything we know about the automobile is changing at the speed of thought. We’re now entering the most transformational moment in the history of the supercar.

The need to go green is forcing constructors to rewrite the rules. What was idle talk is a do or die situation. Some marques won’t adapt fast enough, and some tech isn’t good enough to boldly go forth…

To survive, designers, engineers and technicians must now push the edge even further with their most daring and transcendent machines.

ULTIMATE SUPERCAR SEASON 2 is a 6×60 behind-the-scenes look at the transformational change underway at the zenith of the automotive industry. Each episode explores one transcendent marque as they endeavor to bring their latest super machine to market. With unique and unprecedented access, we’ll reveal how each brand designs, engineers, and builds their own Ultimate Supercar.

Episodes feature; The Ferrari 296 GTB, McLaren Artura, Maserati MC20, Bugatti Rimac Nevera, Lotus Evija, and Honda NSX.

Produced for National Geographic Channel International.

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