Supercar Tech (5×60) – Quintus Studios & Welt Network

The Scientific Evolution Behind The Fastest Cars in The World! Today’s Supercars are an extraordinary combination of heady engineering, hardcore science, and nearly mythical art, all wrapped up in a single high-performance and lust-worthy package. 

Yet each and every mega-vehicle only exists because of the remarkable discoveries and evolutionary steps taken in the past by brave men and bold machines…  

Cars that pushed the technological boundaries and lived on the bleeding edge of science and transportation… 

SUPERCAR TECH is a self-contained 5×60 special that traces the evolution of the Supercar genre from its primordial form through its latest incarnation.

We’ll highlight the crucial advancements required to convert basic motorized carriages and simple modes of transportation into mega-rocket ships for the road. 

Rear more about the project on TBIvision, Rapid TV News, VideoAge International, and Cynopsis.

Distributed by Quintus Studios.

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