Ultimate Factories Maserati Gran ourismo – National Geographic

Ultimate Factories Maserati Gran Tourismo reveals the hidden secrets behind Maserati’s most famous modern-day GT car. Produced for the National Geographic Channel.

There were six Italian brothers, all born in the late 1800’s. Five of them became obsessed with a new invention called the automobile. The sixth brother was an artist. He would create a ‘Trident’ logo that would become world famous for cars carrying the family name — The name of Maserati.

Today Maserati occupies a unique place in the world of high performance Italian sports cars: The only marque whose cars are all four passenger super cars. Cars built in a factory that uniquely combines the very latest in high technology with tradition, history, and the classic Italian passion for things that look sexy and go fast!

One of a number of films we’ve produced for Nat Geo’s mega engineering strand, Ultimate Factories Maserati Gran Tourismo. Seen globally under Nat Geo’s Mega Factories banner.

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