Ultimate Factories Porsche Panamera – National Geographic

Ultimate Factories Porsche Panamera is a behind the scenes look at perhaps the most controversial Porsche model ever made. Produced for the National Geographic Channel.

Its badge is legendary in both automotive circles and corporate boardrooms. It’s price exclusive. And its moxie? Unquestioned.

Only now it has four-doors and fits full-sized adults in the back seats comfortably.

Welcome to the brand new Porsche Panamera.

A four-door, four-seat sedan filled with copious amounts of luxury and a vim and vigor that pushes the concept of what a sedan can be forward in a way that only a company such as Porsche could manage to create.

For a mere $173,050 you can buy four movies tickets at the local cineplex and a rocket of a way to get your family to the movies in style.

(That’s $173,000 for the machine & $50 for the tickets if you were wondering).

It is a shockingly new take on what a machine from Zuffenhausen, Germany can be – after all the name Porsche has been synonymous with automotive evolution not exactly complete automotive revolution.

One of a number of films we’ve produced for Nat Geo’s mega engineering strand, Ultimate Factories Porsche Panamera. Seen globally under Nat Geo’s Mega Factories banner.

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