Ultimate Factories Ford F150 – National Geographic

Ultimate Factories Ford F150 is an inside look at the best selling vehicle in American – The Ford F150 Pickup Truck. Produced for the National Geographic Channel.

The most popular selling vehicle in the United States isn’t a car, but rather a truck — The Ford F150!

From the basic ‘work truck’ to the super luxurious ‘Platinum’ edition, and now a factory built Baja racer called the ‘Raptor SVT’, there is an almost endless number of applications and uses for every single F150. You don’t become the best selling vehicle in America any other way.

Inside the Dearborn Truck Plant, one of the most modern Ford Factories in the World, each machine is crafted and created!

One of a number of films we’ve produced for Nat Geo’s mega engineering strand, Ultimate Factories Ford F150. Seen globally under Nat Geo’s Mega Factories banner.

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